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WINMAN Automatic FIPFG Technology

Since 2001, WINMAN industrial Automatic FIPFG Technology engineering has designed and manufactured the highest quality, custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipments, main for: PU gasket sealing machine, Auto Seal Gluing Machine, Electrical cabinet gasket machine, Air filter gasket machine, Junction box gasket machine, Auto Seal Gluing Machine, Pu Gasket Dispensing Machine, FIPFG Machine, Intelligent CNC Seal Gluing Machine, IP54-IP67 Water-proof Grade for your Electrical Enclosures, HVAC HEPA Air Filters, Junction Box, Lighting Covers… and related consumable materials for those Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment, specially in the power distribution cabinet accessories technology.

All of our custom power distribution cabinet accessories are engineered and manufactured in Shanghai city,  Next door of the biggest manufacture VOLKSWAHEN SHANGHAI.

WINMAN-PU Foam Gasket Machine

Over the years we have been studying and developing these industries for more than 10years. Commitment to manufacturers, system integrators, scientific research institutions, and other users, to provide advanced sheet metal fabricate integrated technology overall design, services, and solutions. Building an intelligent manufacturing system enhances customer competitiveness ahead of this time.
We own 5 teams for foreign marketing: Product Development Engineering Technology, Order processing, Supply Department, Development Planning Department. Technology Provides After Sales, more than 100 working partners, Have exported to: Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Turkey, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt…
Our sincere wish: We can work together for a better future!


China FIPFG Machine

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Electrical cabinet gasket machine

Press Brake Machine, Pu Gasket Machine, CNC Corner Forming Machine, Hydraulic Riveting machine, Spot Welding Machine etc.) Learn more >>

Electrical Cabinet Gasket Machine

PU&ISO Chemical, Lockset, Hinge, Rivetnut, Switchs, Polyurethane & Isocyanate, AB Chemial, Polyurethane, Etc. Learn more >>

Two components Polyurethane

Stainless Steel Valve, Pneumatic interface, Drill chuck, Filter, Air blow gun, Socket head wrench, Air Compressor filter set, Ray Counter Detector. Learn more >>


Specializing in the Gasket Sealing Machine,Sheet Metal Equipment,Electrical Switchboard Enclosure Accessories.

Exported to all over the world, more than 88 countries.

One-stop integrated service, especially for Sheet Metal industry.

72hours online communication, 20 After-sales Service Workers.

Helped the customer to recover more than 5 million US dollars in payment.